High Speed VXA Tape Media Standard

VXA tape cartridge’s expectancy of recovering information from the completely destroyed backup tape is 180 times more than other tape technologies. VXA tape format features perfect write technology that ensures efficient data recording at lowest cost per Gigabyte. Innovative data packet mechanism enables the VXA media tape cartridges to deliver excellent results and high level performance which are demanded by the modern enterprises. VXA media storage technology offers scalable capacity and superior data reliability. VXA tape technology’s breakthrough features and economical backup solutions are the need of the enterprises. VXA tape technology offers its customers the flexibility and ability to scale for data growth in future. Adoption of VXA tape format by IBM has established VXA as new highly reliable tape storage standard.

Exabyte is a leading manufacturer and innovator of tape storage products. Exabyte was among the first to introduce tape drives that broke the capacity barriers of 1, 2 and 5 gigabytes. The method used by VXA tape format for reading and recording the data onto the storage media is similar to the internet. VXA does this by creating packets of data which enables scalable recording capacities, exceptional recording efficiency and unmatched restore integrity. Exabyte VXA tapes are perfect choice for workstations, Small and medium businesses and departmental workstations. Exabyte’s VXA tape storage format offers its customers increased capacity, data reliability and long durable life at competitive prices.

X tape is an advancement of the VXA technology that is developed for the VXA-320 and VXA-2 autoloaders and drives. VXA-X tape media is composed of PEN-based substrate. Its thickness is 4.7 micro-meter. The length of the substrate in X-6 is 62m while the X-10 and X-23 VXA X backup tapes are 124meters and 230meters respectively. VXA-X tape technology delivers excellent backup performance in VXA-320 & VXA-2 tape drives and autoloaders as well. VXA-X format will not work in the VXA-1 tape drive because of its thinner substrate. In order to use the VXA-X10 or the VXA-X10 media tapes, you will need firmware with level of 2105 or more. AME technology has significantly prolonged the life of VXA tape media as compared to other tape formats. Minimum of 500 uses are ensured by the fast speed VXA-X data tape cartridges.

Three different capacities offering of VXA-X has made it the preferred choice of the customers as it allows the users to select the VXA-X tape that can fulfill their desired needs of data backup. It efficiently records the data at lowest cost per GB even in extreme working conditions. For the VXA-320 tape drive, the native capacity offerings of the VXA-X tape format are 40, 80 and 160GB. While for the VXA-2 drive, the recording capacitates of VXA-X are 20, 40 and 80GB. The users can decide from the available different capacities that complies with the budget and their backup storage requirements as well. VXA tape technology saves the additional costs on the incremental backups, as the customers can select the VXA-X tapes with larger recording capability for full data backups and the smaller capacity VXA-X tape cartridges for the incremental backups.

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