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For most companies, data security is the most important daily operation. Whether a data center manager needs to adhere to strict government regulations or the rules of her current employer, every business has policies in place to reduce the risk of compromised data. And while some companies prefer to keep important files electronically saved on computers for an endless amount of time, some businesses have electronic data that has surpassed its life cycle. And when the company is ready to throw this data away, there must be a system in place where prying eyes will not have access to sensitive client information. It is this need for privacy, safety, and environmental friendliness that demands the need for the Recycle Your Media service.

Recycle Your Media is a unique service where companies can find a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution for data destruction and media recycling. As many are aware, storage solutions are increasingly becoming an electronic process. And while many companies back up sensitive data onto media, most are unaware that premature termination of that media is not only wasteful but also detrimental to the environment. Even worse, premature termination can mean keeping reusable items out of the hands of other companies that may have use for it, which means higher prices at the store.

A Logical Solution

Realizing the detrimental effects of early termination of sensitive data on media, a healthcare company was looking for a way to not only become more environmentally friendly but save on the cost of media destruction, as well. (Due to privacy regulations, the company is unable to identify itself.) A representative for the company explains the hunt for a reliable service: “We were looking for an environmentally friendly, low-cost way to destroy our company data that had gone past the data retention period. This led us to seek out a service that would use available technologies to render the tape data irrecoverable, but with zero impact to the physical media itself.”

In its search for such a service, the healthcare company decided to enlist the help of Recycle Your Media. Within just a few short days, the healthcare company was pleased not only with the services the company provided but with the cost-saving benefits, as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, Recycle Your Media was taking the discarded files and totally destroying them before using the media for another purpose. The result was two-fold: The original sensitive data was protected from becoming compromised, and the healthcare company was significantly contributing to the well-being of the environment.

Although the thought of environmental friendliness and cost-reduction are two major concerns when deciding upon a data destruction service, overall usefulness should always be considered. Once again, the aforementioned healthcare company was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the service and how well it met its needs. “Tapes are picked up by Recycle Your Media and are then delivered to Recycle Your Media where they are inventoried and degaussed,” the representative says. “After tape processing is complete, Recycle Your Media sends us a data destruction certificate and check based on a predetermined tape value. We are then able to use these funds to purchase newer technology media.”

And perhaps the most important service of the entire Recycle Your Media model is that remuneration is based on the tape value. Once a company calls Recycle Your Media and enlists its help, the company brings the media back to its offices to be appraised. Upon appraisal, Recycle Your Media will come to a fair figure and notify the company of the media’s value. Once the media is valued, a check is sent to the company which can then reinvest that money for other expenditures. In essence, the Recycle Your Media service costs nothing to implement but allows for an element of cost-recovery.

The benefits of using the Recycle Your Media services can be incalculable. And although there are some similar services to choose from, the healthcare company chose Recycle Your Media for its engaging staff and the cradle-to-grave services it provides. And so far, the healthcare company is extremely pleased with the benefits it has received. As one company official notes, “As a healthcare company, we must adhere to patient privacy regulations. Recycle Your Media provides us with peace of mind through its data destruction guarantee and certificate of service. We are also able to perform our necessary obligations in an environmentally friendly manner through Recycle Your Media’s recycling service. An added bonus is the check we receive from Recycle Your Media for retired media they have purchased from us.”

Up to this point, the Recycle Your Media service has solved the biggest issue plaguing the healthcare company. Like many organizations, the healthcare company was in immediate need of a low-cost solution for destroying material in a safe and private manner. And because the healthcare company needs to adhere to strict privacy regulations, Recycle Your Media looked like the clear-cut choice. Recycle Your Media would be an ideal solution for any company looking for a cost-effective way to destroy data.

An Added Benefit

Besides the obvious benefit of remuneration, Recycle Your Media is also keenly aware of the environmental impact media can have on the planet. And if for nothing else than peace of mind, companies would be well-served to adhere to the standards set in place to make the world a bit cleaner. Understandably, safely destroying media is a costly endeavor that many companies would rather not tackle. But with the help of the Recycle Your Media service, the ability for companies to become more environmentally friendly while still becoming a more cost-effective organization is finally available.

And if some are still unsure of the benefits Recycle Your Media could provide for an organization, look no further than one of its satisfied customers: “I highly recommend Recycle Your Media data destruction and media recycle services. It has saved our company thousands of dollars that would have normally been incurred through the costs associated with physical destruction of our retired media.”

by Don Reisinger

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