Two New Quantum Entry-Level LTO-4 Libraries

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Scalar i40 (3U, 1-2/25-40/) and i80 (6U, 3-5/50-80)

Quantum Corp. added Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries to its industry-leading Scalar iLayer tape automation portfolio.

Designed to provide SMBs and distributed data centers with more storage capacity, room for continued growth and simplified system management, the i40 and i80 set a new standard for tape libraries in this class, with prices starting at less than $7,500 MSRP. The new libraries join the Scalar i2000 and Scalar i500, which also incorporate Quantum’s iLayer management software, the first comprehensive system for evaluating the integrity of library drives and media. Like all Scalar libraries, the i40 and i80 provide users with a highly cost-effective means of long-term retention and disaster recovery as part of a balanced approach to data protection.

With the Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries, Quantum offers a truly differentiated product for the entry and midrange markets, with a new level of intelligence, simplicity and scalability,” said Matt Troka, vice president of product and partner management, CDW. “The features offered in these libraries provide significant advantages over the conventional 2U, 24-slot and 4U, 48-slot products currently available at a compelling price-point.”

Quantum’s iLayer software can reduce library and media management time by more than 50 percent and is embedded in the over 30,000 Scalar libraries shipped to date. iLayer offers users proactive diagnostics through easy-to-understand messages sent directly to IT with specific corrective actions. The intuitive interface saves administration time for both small businesses and remote offices, reducing the demands on staff to keep the system running reliably.

The Scalar i40 can efficiently and cost-effectively accommodate a customer’s data storage growth by scaling from 25 slots up to 40 slots through capacity-on-demand (COD) software licensing. With COD, users can increase storage space by up to 60 percent within the system’s original footprint. Likewise, the Scalar i80 supports future storage needs by scaling from 50 slots up to 80 slots. Offering up to five import/export slots in the i40 and 10 in the i80, the libraries enable easy loading and unloading of tapes for offsite storage.

Customers large and small demand cost-effective, high-density and scalable tape libraries with improved manageability,” said Robert Amatruda, research director, data protection and recovery for IDC. “Quantum’s new Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries with iLayer management software enable customers to reduce library and media management time with proactive diagnostic tools.”

The Scalar i40 and i80 libraries are customer installable and easy to configure with native Fibre Channel and Serial Attached SCSI interfaces, which offer advantages over conventional parallel SCSI interfaces. To ensure data is secure even when stored offsite, both libraries support U.S. government-level AES 256-bit encryption which enables customers to easily comply with state and federal regulations and safeguard against the increasingly costly and reputation damaging data breaches associated with stolen or lost tapes.

These extensions to the Scalar iLayer family of products incorporate management and availability features typically only offered to customers buying much larger and more expensive libraries,” said Janae Lee, senior vice president of Marketing for Quantum. “In addition, the i40 and i80 can be used in conjunction with Quantum’s disk products as part of a comprehensive and efficient storage strategy.”

Pricing and Availability
The Scalar i40 tape library is available today through Quantum and its network of channel and distribution partners. Pricing starts below $7,500 MSRP. The Scalar i80 tape library will be available in the first quarter of 2010, with prices starting at less than $9,400 MSRP.

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