Get Cash For Excess and Used Data Tapes, Secure Data Eradication!

Recycling Media Has Never Been So Safe, Sound & Simple. Recycle Your Media offers secure data eradication!

Most enterprise data centers are apprehensive about recycling data tapes due to security issues. Recycle Your Media has earned a reputation for being one of the largest and most respected full-service data tape recycling companies worldwide. is the most viable solution for your end-of-life data tapes. Recycling your media is environmentally sound and economically sensible given that it can recoup IT costs.

When recycling your data tapes, you need to be assured that the data will be destroyed and rendered unreadable. We practice the most secure methods, complying with governmental privacy and storage laws. We are highly experienced in data eradication and will offer data destruction certificates and volume serial reports to ensure your sensitive data is irretrievable.

End-user customer Matthew Bernard, IT network manager at John Wiley & Sons, says, “Although hesitant to release my used data tapes, I found Recycle Your Media’s data tape recycling service to be secure, professional, and more than I expected.”

Recycle Your Media works with Fortune 500 companies, banks, government agencies, law firms, and hospitals, making us a reliable source for all your data tape recycling needs.

Why pay for tape shredding? Recycle Your Media can pay you to recycle your data tapes. Recycling data tapes is simple: Give us a call, and we take care of the rest.

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Think Green: Cash For Data Tapes

Data tapes we recycle: SuperDLTII / LTO 2,3,4 / AIT 1,2,3,4 / AME2 / 3592 / T10000 T10K / SLR / TR5,7 / VXA / V23 / VS1 and many others.

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