Checking Media Compatibility on LTO Tape

It’s always a good idea when choosing which tape backup media to know the compatibility within its family. For example within the LTO family of media, LTO-4 media can only be written/read in an LTO4 tape drive. LTO 4 can read LTO-2 and LTO-3 tapes, but only LTO3 can be written in an LTO-4 tape drive.

The archive life of LTO media is 30+ years and good 1,000,000+ passes on a drive. LTO media is manufactured very well so it’s a perfect media format to be recertified and used over and over again. When purchasing a “refurbished”, “recertified” or “certified” tape cartridge make sure it’s from a reputable vendor that is actually eradicating, testing and verifying its usability.

The same goes for all families of tape media, for more information please call 949-757-0100 or email us direct:

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