Save Money on Tape Media and be Green in the Data Center

Save Money on Tape Media and be Green in the Data Center

Looking for ways to cut costs in soft economic times? Who isn’t?

When looking for new ways to save, it’s important to keep quality in mind. When it comes to data storage, there are several ways you can save money in the short run. But only one of those solutions will also ensure the long-term well being of your organization, along with the security of its valuable intellectual property: Eco-StorTM Certified for ReuseTM tape media, courtesy of California-based Recycle Your Media.

Designed with security and durability in mind, products developed by Recycle Your Media are an eco-friendly way to go. More importantly, their quality is on par with their name-brand (and brand new) counterparts – and they’re available at fraction of what those products cost. In fact, at 20-50% less than new media tapes, Recycle Your Medias’ products can help companies save in excess of $30,000 in their data storage needs.

Did you know?

You could hold off on purchasing new means of data storage. But why put your company at risk? Hanging on to massive amounts of information not only bogs your information systems down – it makes you vulnerable should the worst happen (i.e. a lawsuit, an audit, or any other scenario in which information may be seized or held for litigation).

Buyer beware

You could also opt to invest in deceptively marketed and suspiciously cheap data storage that‘s made to sound as though it’s as safe and secure as our products. Be cautious: just because it’s touted as recertified or refurbished, it has not been put through the same rigorous testing and certifications as our products have. Recertified or refurbished data storage is definitely the way to go – just make sure it’s Certified for ReuseTM!

Certified for ReuseTM

Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tapes are put through a series of procedures. They’re cleaned, fully erased, meticulously examined, repackaged, and clearly identified as a tape certified for resale. Best of all, they’re guaranteed for quality and functionality, or we’ll give you your money back.

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