Sell Excess New or Used DLT-S4 Tape Media to Recycle Your Media

We are adding new and used DLT-S4 tape media to our buyback program. Yes, we buy used tape. If you have excess new and/or out of archive used DLT-S4 tape media contact us to get the most cash back for your used tape media. Our data destruction process exceeds all standards for data destruction for DOD, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, ETC. Not only will you recoup some of your initial data storage costs, selling your tape media for reuse is also the most environmentally conscious solution to ending the life of your tape media.

Don’t shred the tape, shred the data!

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DLTtape S4 Tape Specifications:

Quantum DLT-S4 Part # MR-S4MQN-01

Maxell DLT-S4 Part # 184030


Fuji DLT-S4 Part # 26360000

Sun Storagetek DLT-S4   

As backup and archive environments become more complex, the need for capacity and manageability continues to grow. That’s why the new DLTtape S4 cartridge offers massive capacity and fully leverages the DLTSage Management Suite, giving IT professionals the tools they need to protect, secure and manage their data.

DLTSage now includes DLTSage Tape Security, which prevents unauthorized access to data on tape cartridges, including those that must be transported offsite. In addition to providing data security, DLTSage offers DLTSage WORM (Write Once Read Many) capability to address regulatory requirements and DLTSage management and monitoring tools to help assess the health of your DLT system.    

Designed for use with Quantum DLT-S4 drives, the DLTtape S4 cartridge delivers industry-leading 800GB native and 1.6TB compressed storage capacity. Thanks to Quantum’s eMP60 tape technology, this represents the lowest cost-per-gigabyte storage available today.

High capacity without high costs


DLTtape S4 media uses Super PET (S-PET) base film. The S-PET base film assures the strength and durability needed in enterprise-class environments. And the internal cartridge design now offers enhanced durability, making the DLTtape S4 format the highest profile DLT media yet.



  • Capacity (native) 800GB
  • Capacity (compressed 1.6TB)
  • Drive Compatibility DLT-S4
  • Media Compatibility DLTtape S4 (Quantum P/N MR-S4MQN-01)
  • Cleaning Tape SDLT Cleaning Tape (Quantum P/N MR-SACCL-01)

Tape Life

  • Archive Storage > 30 Years
  • Durability  5,000 load/unload/calibrates

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