Quick Step-by-Step Guide of Recycling by Volser

Here at Recycle Your Media keeping your data safe and secure is our #1 concern. The video in the next blog on Volser reporting is one of the many data center services we can provide our customers. We can perform a complete inventory audit and we will let you know if there is any value to your still good used tape media. We can provide this service to any of your locations worldwide.

Quick Step-by-Step Guide of Recycling by Volser

1) At customer facility we scan every barcode on every tape to be recycled

2) Data approved and a document is signed by customer and RYM employee

3) All tapes are placed in secure lock boxes

4) Lock boxes are then put on a dedicated truck for transport to our facility

5) Full Chain-of-Custody will be provided, you will be able to track the trucks route to our facility

6) Once the tapes reach our facility the lock boxes are placed in a locked, alarmed, video surveillance caged area

7) We then scan all the used tapes once again and report will be provided to customer to compare the scan to the first for proof nothing was tampered with during transit

8) Once 2nd report is verified we stage the used media for processing

9) All tape is sorted, counted and completely erased

10) Upon completion a certificate of data destruction and the check for the value is mailed to customer

We hope this information was valuable. For more information and an estimate please call 877-RY-TAPES or email buyback@recycleyourmedia.com

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