Recycle Your Media Willing to Buy LT02 Tapes for Top Dollar

Recycle Your Media is looking to pay competitive rates for new and used LTO2 tapes. Bring in your excess inventory of new LTO2 tapes or out of archive used LTO2 tapes and we’ll give you cash or store credit in return!

The process is quite easy. All you have to do is:
  1. Send in your new & used LTO2 tapes to our facility in CA. Feel free to give the Recycle Your Media team a call at 949-757-0100 or toll free at 877-RY-TAPES or email with your questions.
  2. We’ll assess your tapes to make sure they are functional.
  3. Your used LTO2 tapes will undergo a thorough data destruction and certification process.
  4. You’ll be provided a cash offer or store credit for usable tapes.
  5. Another organization will put your old tapes to use.
Why Recycle Archived Used LTO2 Tapes?

The beauty of recycling archived used LTO2 tapes is that you can join the green revolution that keeps useable, non-biodegradable electronics out of landfills. This is an extremely important movement that is growing day by day. Your organization will make a huge difference by participating!

You never have to worry about your archived data when you recycle. Our data certified destruction process exceeds all standards for data destructions for DOD, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, etc. You are 100% guaranteed that all of your data will be purged prior to being utilized by our customers.

The other benefit of recycling your used LTO2 tapes surrounds storage. Wouldn’t it be amazing to clear out valuable storage space? You’ll be amazed at how much space can be salvaged by recycling old tapes. Not to mention, you’ll sleep easier knowing that another organization has put your tapes to use and is benefiting greatly from your recycling effort!

Some Brands and Part Numbers of NEW or Used LTO2 tape cartridges:
94527LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Verbatim, 200/400GB
D2405-LTO2LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 TDK, 200/400GB
D2405-LTO2L20AXLTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 TDK Library Pack, 200/400GB
0043 2744LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Tandberg, 200/400GB
MEDLTO2LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Sun By STK, 200/400GB
MEDLTO2-008LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Storagetek, 200/400GB
LTX200GLTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Sony, 200/400GB
MR-L2MQN-01LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Quantum, 200/400GB
106105-003LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Overland, 200/400
183850LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Maxell, 200/400
16598LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2  Imation, 200/400GB
16601LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Imation, 200/400GB
26984LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Imation, 200/400GB
08L9870LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 IBM, 200/400GB
C7972ALTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 HP, 200/400GB
26220001LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Fujifilm, 200/400GB
1011627LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Exabyte, 200/400GB
0N0439LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 DELL, 200/400GB
CLM400LTO-2, LTO2, LTO 2 Certance, 200/400GB

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