The Power of Recycled for Reuse Certified LTO Technology

Organizations are increasingly turning to LTO recycling firms, such as Recycle Your Media, for a number of compelling reasons:

  • Green is good! The green revolution has inspired business leaders to find ways to decrease their waste footprint. Recycling and reuse of LTO tape shows a sense of urgency surrounding a sustained environment. Additionally, legislation has increased the demand on companies to find responsible means for disposing of electronics and keep useful products out of landfills.
  • Money Saved. Purchasing reconditioned or recertified tape storage media saves a considerable amount of cash, as they are up to 50 percent less expensive than brand new tapes. Also, tape storage helps organizations save on energy costs. They generate zero heat when filed in media storage and utilized only when needed. This comes at a time where data storage costs are skyrocketing, making disk storage a much more expensive option.
  • Discarding Archived Data Made Easy & Upgrading Storage Systems Easier. Companies need a partner to turn to for properly discarding archived data and upgrading their storage systems. Recycle Your Media is a trusted source for eradicating data on cartridges and running them through a 12-point test/inspect certification process to determine if they are reusable. Each and every tape is tested individually, not batch tested. The beauty of tapes is that they are manufactured exceptionally well, so failure is rarely observed.

A common upgrading scenario is seen when companies want to move from LTO-2 to LTO-4 or LTO-4 to LTO-5. In the case that the company wishes to discard data compiled over a number of years and upgrade, Recycle Your Media will carefully discard the data, purchase usable oldĀ  tapes and provide competitive pricing on tape upgrades.

As the economy and technology evolves in the coming years, tape storage appears to be a part of the big pictures. The power of the tape lies in the fact that they are reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and compliant friendly.

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