LTO Tape Storage Gaining Momentum in 2011

Data storage experts have revealed LTO tape storage is making a definite comeback in light of today’s economy and increasing compliance demands. In fact, today’s technology news revealed a dramatic backlog in tape orders following the devastating earthquake in Japan. The growing backlog and demand from retailers is proof of the reemergence of tape storage. According to technology analyst Greg Schulz, “It is a myth that tape is dead.” With the release of the LTO-5 in 2010, organizations have increasingly shifted their focus to tape storage because of its durability, improved data compression, dynamic rewrite of data, and precise indexing of recording units. Additionally, the technology is not only used only for data protection, it is increasingly being utilized for online data archives. Molly Rector of Spectra Logic Corp. concurs as she recently reported that “tape will be reclaiming a leading role in the major storage market” and “no more than 10 percent of the data stored in the US will be in the Cloud by the end of 2011.” These projections come at a time when organizations are focused on developing storage solutions that are cost-effective, stable and dependable for years to come.

“Tape storage has no mechanical moving parts that can cause problems, thus organizations can access their data 30 years from now,” said Brian Musil, Founder of Recycle Your Media in Newport Beach, Calif. “This has been an exciting time for tape storage. The LTO-5 has been a definite game changer and LTO-6 is in the works, as more organizations realize the technology offers one of the most reliable and legacy friendly storage options on the market.”

The LTO-6 has been rumored to include a capacity of up to 8TB, almost three times the size of the LTO-5. Tape drive data transfer rates will be up to 525 MB per second. It will also feature encryption, WORM support, dual partitioning, and more. This translates to an extremely powerful storage solution.

Recycle Your Media is one of the largest companies of its kind that recycles, buys and sells every version, brand and condition of LTO tape media. RYM also has proprietary data erasing technology for fully erasing, reconditioning and certifying used LTO tape cartridges to data free, perfect, ready to reuse condition. This proprietary system encompasses three separate hardware and software steps. It fully erases each tape from pin to hub with a magnetic degauss power 10 times stronger than a standard tape drive eliminating all signal clear through the tape media to magnetically recondition the tape for reuse and meet all data elimination and data security requirements.

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