E-Scrap and Brokerbin Roadshow a Success… BE GREEN, Recycle Your Media!

Recycle Your Media Booth E-Scrap Orlando

The E-Scrap conference and Brokerbin Roadshow was a success, with over 1150 attendees, and a tradeshow with over 100 exhibit booths. We were proud to sponsor both events, we hope you received your free “Save the Tapes” t-shirt and flash-drive.

Thank you for helping make our trip across the country well worth it! We had a wonderful time seeing so many of our current vendors and making many new contacts to sell us excess new and used data tape media.

We unveiled and demonstrated our proprietary LTO Erasing machine. This machine allows us to save thousands of additional LTO tapes from landfill every month. This is the first LTO eraser that actually works, and works fast to erase 100% pin-to-hub with 3rd party verification.

Your participation and commitment to recycling for reuse contributes to the tremendous success of our business.

Please leave a comment with your feedback about the event and your overall experience. We're also always interested in ideas for how to improve our exhibits.

Don't forget to check out our photos of this event!

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  • Oct 11, 2011 by anon

    Great to meet you guys at the show, I didn’t even know your service existed before we met. I hope we can bring some business your way very soon.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Oct 11, 2011 by bmusil

    Thank you for the comment!

    It was such a great show for us, anything you need from us just call or email. Security is obviously a major concern, so we have tools in place to help alleviate the concerns.

    Onsite data erasure, Volser reporting, documents of destruction, etc.

    mon-fri 7am-4pm PST

    local 949-757-0100

  • Oct 13, 2011 by Tyler

    Very interesting points. Thanks!

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  • Oct 13, 2011 by bmusil

    You’re welcome Tyler, glad you liked the article. Hope you’ll find some of our other posts interesting as well!

  • Any feedback from you?

Oct 11, 2011 by
Recycle Your Media Booth E-Scrap Orlando Recycle Your Media Booth E-Scrap Orlando