The RYM 12 step recycle process

Many companies claim that they recycle tape media and most who make this claim simply shred the tape into useless, non-biodegradable material and send it straight to landfill. This is not recycling. Our commitment is to re-use. We are able to safely erase and save 100% percent of reusable tapes from landfill!

We are meticulous about our process and we want our customers to feel confident in it. Please enjoy the video below -you can also find it in our YouTube's Channel- which will give you some insight into our commitment to excellence.

There are 12 steps in the process of recycling:

1. Each tape has been properly stored in optimal conditions and well treated during transportation

2. The tapes are sorted by type, brand, general age and logo

3. We make sure that each tape has been properly handled by operators and/or equipment

4. We continue with a physical outer inspection of cartridge shell condition, screws, hubs, and mechanism rattles

5. Then, operational physical inspection of door latch, load point, and hub location

6. Detailed sort by site and date of manufacture using manufacturer's serial number

7. We make sure that the tapes do not show any signs of excessive use or wear

8. Degauss four passes with inversion and two 45 degree turns for full deep erasure

9. We then clean with proper materials and recondition outer shell

10. Before being shipped, we put a stamp to certify the tape, the serial number and the date code

11. Seal, secure, and tightly shrink wrap in material

12. Package in all new shipping cartons.

As you can see, the inspection process is really important because it allows us to create a quality eco friendly product that our customers have come to expect from us. Our certified tapes are fully erased, tested, cleaned, inspected, re-packaged and clearly maked certified for resale.

For those who are skeptical about using refurbished tape media, we challenge you to try Recycle Your Media’s Certified Tape. We back our Certified tapes for life.

Hope you enjoy the video, if you have any comments or if one of the steps is not clear enough, leave a comment! We will respond.

Thank you!

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  • Nov 2, 2011 by Tristan Titeux

    This is really impressive, you are very thorough in the great job you do, this is the way to go, re use, re use, re use. Lets take second hand stuff seriously, refurbished stuff seriously and not think of it as being inferior.

    Instead think of the harm you are avoiding when using recycled media. All the pollution you are saving, the oil you are not extracting, the wars you are avoiding.

    You are not tape recyclers you are hero’s of this world!

    I am pleased that there are people like you doing such great stuff, well done!

    Tristan Titeux

  • Nov 3, 2011 by bmusil

    Hey Tristan!

    Thanks a lot for this great comment and for taking time to support what we do!

    We both are doing the same thing here: protecting the planet by re using!

    So for the ones who are as eco-friendly as we are, for more green companies, you should go to 🙂

    Thanks again Tristan!

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