Helpful checklist to help you choose a Tape Media Recycling Service

The data center magazine Processor published an article early this month giving advice on how to choose the right equipment recycling service. Choosing this kind of service is essential, because as Brian Musil explained, there is no way corporations are prepared to properly handle recycling themselves so it is necessary to choose their vendor(s) wisely.

You need to recycle your consumable data backup tape media in order to reduce e-waste, which is a growing concern nowadays.

The article above explains you in details what to be sure of before choosing a recycling company:

1)   How much will it cost to recycle your data tapes?

2)   Will you be paid to sell your surplus new and used data tapes?

3)   Full chain-of-custody? Can you track your data backup tape media by volume serial number and can you be certain that all the data will be correctly and totally erased?

4)   Compare with other alternatives such as shredding and incineration. High cost economically and environmentally? Full chain of custody?

5)   Will you have to pay for the shipping?

6)   Does the service you want to choose provide you with any proprietary services you can’t get anywhere else?

This is a checklist that Recycle Your Media uses too. Indeed, at RYM, you can be sure that each point above are taken into account.

For instance, yes you can track your used data tapes by VOLSER number (Volume Serial Number Report).

Yes we offer unique extra service, such as free shipping from anywhere in the world.

Read the article published on Processor attached on the left for more tips, and let us know your thoughts and questions!

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