Enjoy Free Data Center Services in our New Coupon Section!

Recycle Your Media would like to celebrate the holidays this year, and what a better way to celebrate than giving you free services?

We just created a page focused on our coupons, which you can go check right now by clicking here. We decided to do so not only because it is the holiday season, but also as a thank you to all of our clients who support us and who permit us to love and run our business.

The first coupon will permit anyone to get a volser report free of charge when recycling your media with us.

If the benefits of this technology still are not clear to you, you can find an article and a video about it: VOLSER: Complete Reporting, Complete Security.

This first voucher won’t be the last one for sure. We already have some others coming soon that you will really enjoy.

To use our coupons, all you have to do is get the code, send an e-mail to buyback@recycleyourmedia.com with your name and the code, or to do it faster, you can call us 949-757-0100 and ask for anyone in our purchasing department!

So don’t waste time and find the voucher here. Feel free to spread the word!

Above all, keep posted because next week, a new one will come out!

Thank you again!

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