The IT Summit Long Beach: Successful & Educational

As we promised in the previous article Recycle Your Media will be one of the Sponsors at the IT Summit Tomorrow! here are our thoughts on this event.

It was the first time we decided to attend this Tradeshow, and as an exhibitor, we truly enjoyed it. Once again, meeting our current clients and potential new ones is an experience we cannot get enough of. Indeed, sharing our business face to face is something we enjoy. The visitors to our booth were really interested in our service, and what struck us was the fact that many didn’t know our secure data tape media buyback program service existed, they either did not know what to do with their used tapes so they just keep them stored in the data center or pay someone to store them offsite, or they thought there was only one unfortunate possibility: shredding.

A couple visitors told us that they gave their tape media to a company which claimed to them that they would try not to shred them but to recycle them. However when we asked them if they had any proof of that, the answer was no. “How is that possible?” We then told them about the transparency of our service and that they would have complete chain-of-custody through the entire process; Volser or serial number reporting, tracking during transit, video surveillance and certificates of data destruction.

We also assured them about the use of recycled tape after they are put through our certification process. All of our certified tape media is guaranteed equal to new performance with a lifetime warranty.

We realize that the IT world is full of various services, but not full of trusted recycling services, and that is why once again our main goal by attending and exhibiting at Tradeshows is to inform people that yes, you can recycle and then re-use tape media if you are certain that the company you choose is trustworthy.

To show you what you missed, we took many photos and yesterday, we decided to create a video about it, with more photos of the event and of the whole team!

Leave us a comment if you have a personal review of this Tradeshow, if you were there and what you thought about it!

Enjoy the video -you can also watch it in our YouTube Channel-, and hope to meet you soon at our next event!

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