Two LTO Consortium Studies Reveal the Benefits of Tape Storage

It has been announced that the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program has released two separate studies revealing significant benefits for tape storage solutions over disk. According to the LTO Consortium comprised of IBM, HP, and Quantum, the technology provides lower cost per GB, less expensive operating costs, and major savings in energy usage/costs.

Two completely separate entities, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and The Clipper Group, independently revealed unbelievable value of tape. Both studies evaluated costs associated with usage of tape and disk storage, while concluding that tape has definite long-term cost advantages.

ESG Senior Analyst Mark Peters shared that “the notion that ‘tape is dead’ ignores the substantial evidence that favors tape as a lower cost, environmentally friendly removable medium that is well suited for offline data protection…high growth compliance, fixed content and archiving applications.”

The ESG study compared the industry-standard deduplication system with the tape library with LTO-5. The group ran nightly backups as done by most substantial organizations. Amazingly, findings uncovered the LTO-5 tape library was between two and four times less expensive to maintain.

In the second study conducted by The Clipper Group, it was revealed that a 12-year tape storage solution will average 15 times less in cost than a disk-based solution. Additionally, it confirmed that tape utilizes less energy per petabyte. Experts were amazed to find out that over a 12-year period energy on a disk solution alone will run about $4 million, while only $18 thousand for a tape solution.

In today’s challenging economy, the two information-rich studies are extremely important for leading and emerging companies as they try to cut their bottom lines. It is vital to get the word out there to help IT departments make educated decisions as they work to save costs, improve efficiency, and develop highly secure systems.

A more detailed post comparing disks and tapes will be published next week on our blog, so keep posted!

And once again, tape is definitely not dead! Keep sharing!

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