SpectraLogic Investing in the future of Data Tape Storage

It was just announced that SpectraLogic has released the most exciting tape library in history!

The company’s all-new T-Finity ExaScale powered by BlueScale 12 supports 3.6 exabytes of data, which equals 3.6 million TB. What’s more, the T-Finity ExaScale supports 400,000 tape cartridge slots that sit within eight libraries. For those looking for redundancy and protection, they’ll be thrilled to know the library supports the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Tapes. The T-finity boasts of 8-node clustering and all-new BlueScale software to support exabyte capacity with RAID protection between all tape cartridges. Additionally, the T-Finity works perfectly with LTO-5, LTO6, and IBM S1140 tape drives.

Performance and power-on times are at a definite all-time high with the T-Finity! If you are unfamiliar with BlueScale 12, it allows for 35 percent to 60 percent faster robotic performance and 15 percent to 20 percent faster power-on times. It also provides an XML Open Library API that opens the door for customers to utilize software management apps in conjunction with Spectra Logic’s. Also, the T-Finity makes use of Spectra Logic’s cutting-edge Carbide Clean technology that works to extend the life of tape cartridges. The cleaning system is included with Spectra Logic’s Certified Media without an extra charge.

Spectra Logic also announced that now customers can import tape cartridges into their T-950 and T-Finity libraries and export quickly with a Bulk TeraPack Access Port System (TAP). Bulk Tap allows for users to import/export 500 TBs of data all at once rather than importing and exporting individually. Imagine how much time and energy this saves!

Finally, the company has created a guarantee program for T-Series libraries that assures customers that their maintenance contract will stay below the rate of inflation. “PriceLock” helps make budgeting easier and more effective. Spectra Logic is a proven leader in tape development solutions that have been successful in numerous environments, especially in high-performance computing and media/entertainment arenas. Some of the company’s top customers generate between 5TB to 10TB of content a day and archive 90 percent on a Spectra Logic T950 array.

The company’s closest competitor is Oracle, which don’t come close to offering as robust a system as Spectra Logic’s 400,000 slot monster…Oracle only provides a 100,000 slot.

Once again, it is possible to say that the tape is definitely not dead! Many leading organizations are realizing that that they are unable to archive hundreds of petabytes of data or more in the “cloud.” The tape continues to be king in such scenarios!

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