Our Unique LTO Tape Erasure and Certification Technology

We decided today to post a video we created earlier this week to explain the benefits and the way our exclusive LTO Technology functions, as we promised in the article Selling LTO Tape Media: what you should know.

Nearly any company can claim to know how to fully erase, recondition and certify used LTO tape media to data free, perfect, ready to be re-used as any new tape media, but do they have proof? Can they provide verification that every tape has been erased? Recycle Your Media CAN. We offer 100% data erasure on every single tape with complete reporting proof.

There are three steps in the process which permit us to erase, test and certify with reporting proof  for you to trust our process of secure data eradication on LTO tape media:

1) Use of the LTO Eraser: 100% fully erases all data on each tape from pin to hub

2) Use of the LTO Initializer: it permits to reset a permanent marker which permits to track the tape from the beginning until the end of the process3) Finally, use of the LTO Tape Scanner, which gives us the possibility to be 100% sure that no data are left on the tape. We also can know the quality of this new tape and the amount of useful life if any. So thanks to this machine, we get to know if the performance of this recycled tape will be equal as the one of a whole new tape media.

Therefore, we really care about the quality of the service we offer, and we want to be certain that any recycled tape can be re-used as a new, and that no data is present and ZERO data can be retrieved. To check that, we give you a Certification of Data Eradication.

For more information, please check this page where you can find on the left two documents explaining in details this unique technology.

If you are interested in LTO tape media in general, please check the whole new page focused on this subject called LTO Ultrium.We buy new or used LTO tape media.

Let us shred the data for you; don’t choose to shred the tapes!

If you have any questions, feel free to call us 949-757-0100 or to e-mail us brian@recycleyourmedia.com

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