Why Companies Choose Data Media Tape for Data Backup?

About 80 percent of digital data is stored on tapes nowadays when the market is full of alternatives like hard disk drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. Below are given the reasons of their popularity:

Data Media Backup

It is only possible sequentially and not randomly while accessing to a data stored to tape media. Even if this is counted as a disadvantage, data transfer speeds as higher as 80 mbps can be achieved.

Another noteworthy feature of tapes is their storage space. Ranging widely from few gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes without compression, tapes are sure to offer substantial storage options. With such a huge space, a single data tape is enough to store all data that you might require for back up. More to this, add their provision of high compression ratio. This means the data that needs to be stored can be compressed to half of its size.

Since tapes were first introduced way back in the 1951, there has been much improvement over the years. With a lot of technological advancements, tape media have truly ushered in to be the storage options for the future.

The next big thing that needs to be discussed about data tapes is their reasonable price. They are very much cost efficient and also cheaper than their counterparts. While taking into consideration the cost involved in storing an amount of data, tape has outnumbered the much talked about disk media by quite a few miles. This makes tapes a feasible option available to small organizations that though require storing large amount of data, cannot afford to bear the costs related to it.

Another significant advantage of tapes is their library systems that help in keeping data well organized. To provide larger enterprise businesses, the software involved in this have underwent a lot of development through all these years.

Tapes have also proved to be a great medium to store data safely and that too for an elongated period of time.

With newer versions of tape media that offer options of WORM (Write Once Read Many), tapes also ensures greater security. Some notable features like encryption or limiting access to a certain geographical location are also made available through tapes.

In closing

Tapes are also expected to hold a larger market share in the coming years. Larger storage media like that of almost 3 TB are assumed to be introduced to the market within some 5 more years from now on. So, it is no more a wonder that why the tape media still continues to be the preferred choice in some part of your tired storage plans.

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