Bigger Data Drives Rejuvenate the Global Tape Market

There is a popular belief that the data tape media is gradually fading out. However, though this statement holds truth a few years back, the scenario has changed much since then. According to a recent research as conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, it has been found that usage of data tape has been all pervasive in cloud, and both internal and external discs. It is projected that tape’s lead will grow to a compounding rate of 45 per cent each year for the next 5 years.

According to the chief marketing officer for Spectra Logic, deduplication made it look bleak for tape for a while, but the market began expanding again in 2009. They also pointed out the growth areas like that of archiving, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance. Google, for an instance, has lost almost 0.9 per cent of the mailboxes because of the issues of corruption of disc based replication.

Tape to Tape Migration

Nowadays, various media and other entertaining divisions are also showing much loyalty to tapes. An example of a large media company based in Panama, can be sighted herein. After Sony decided to pull out Betcam video tape and the management moved in favour of introducing HD programming, the media company required more storage facilities. Soon enough, the company opted for Spectra T950 tape library for a data backup for its video files of more than 370 TB, and all the storage issues were sorted out nicely.

As per the words of the media company's senior manager (operations and projects), "Disc is expensive; it consumes a lot of high-priced power in Panama, and it takes up a lot of space."

The global media editorial group of National Geographic is also seen to favour using tape. Recently, it has set up a fully digitalized archive with a 5 frame Spectra T950 and tape slots counting over 6,000 in total. This storage facility has helped them to archive about 350,000 hours of video of HD quality (8PB). More to this, it has also helped Nat Geo a lot to maximize the footage area of their data center.

"The operational costs of video are flat compared to the rapidly rising costs of managing disk," pointed out Kyle Knack, Director (Infrastructure Systems) at National Geography Global Media. "Tape is just not that expensive so this helped us decide to throw a lot more in to the archive."

Tape's Future

If we are to believe Spectra Logic’s view, tape will bring a revolutionary change to the future data center. As she said, "Backup will become obsolete in the traditional sense. Instead, a central file system will integrate disk and tape resources to management and offload media."

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