Free Shipping Voucher Until 01/16/2012

Christmas is just around the corner! Cash in on our holiday spirit with free shipping when selling us your tapes from anywhere in the WORLD!

We are currently producing a new video on our company holiday party we had a week ago for the blog, but in the mean time, we decided to give you another gift so we created and are releasing a new coupon valid today!

Our first coupon being quite a success –if you want to check it out and enjoy it while there is still time, click here -, we want to introduce you our new voucher: FREE shipping!

From now one until mid-January, you’ll be able to sell us your tapes at no cost! We’ll pay you for them and we’ll also pay for the shipping. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the coupon code here and e-mail us your name to or to do it faster, just call us 949-757-0100.

To see the whole list of coupons, you can go to this page.

Happy Holidays!

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