RYM on the Front Page of the SSS News Magazine!

We are proud to announce that we are on the cover of the Security & Shredding Storage News November/December 2011 edition!

The article is approximately two pages long, and explains the idea of Recycle Your Media and its meaning. The title "Going, Seeing, Saving Green" clearly explains the main topic of it.

Finally, it also offers very interesting facts on the data tape media industry and why we can surely say that it has a bright future ahead. Besides, some of those figures can now be read in our new page in the resources section titled Statistics. You can go check it out by clicking here.

It is based on an interview that Brian Musil, the founder of the company, had given a few weeks ago with the author.

A very nice picture of Brian himself can also be seen in the front page of the magazine! As you can see, and as he said: "Recycle Your Media is more than just a company name. It has become a mantra".

So go read the entire article if you are curious to know us and our actions better!

"Going, Seeing, Saving Green", SSS News.

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  • Dec 14, 2011 by Jennifer

    It is great to see Recycle Your Media recognized as a company founded on the values that are most important for all businesses to continue to succeed together in the future!

    Not only is Recycle Your Media an earth-friendly way to re-coup your I.T. costs when it comes to back up tapes, but it is also a company that offers services and products that is seriously LEAN in regards to $aving corporations a chock-full-of “GREEN!”

    Since 2005, Recycle Your Media has surely set the standards for the definition of better business practices, by offering smarter and economically efficient solutions backed by integrity and consistency. Moreover, when it comes to sensitive data and data tape security, Recycle Your Media has a distinguished reputation for their state-of-the-art security measures and processes regarding data tape destruction.


  • Dec 15, 2011 by Brian

    Jen, You being the first employee at RYM understand our mission and goals which we never waver from. Thanks for your help and the kind words.

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