Holiday Thank You from RYM

Christmas is now a few days away!

All December, the team at Recycle Your Media has been in such a Christmas mood… A tree, a party, lots of fun this month!

However, RYM never forgets about its clients and the team has also been looking for new ways to tell you Thank You for the support. What a better time than Christmas to do that?

Here is a nice video to help you start celebrating the holidays with us:

As the videos shows, we decided to offer you two different gifts:

1) Two coupons, one for a free Volser Scan –which you can find here- and one to enjoy free shipping –grab the coupon by clicking here-;

Those coupons are not permanent, so call us today with the right code to be able to use them before mid-January!

2) The second gift is one we have been working on for months now: our free E-Book. To be able to download it and read it, please subscribe to our RSS Feed. There are three ways to do that: here on the footer of our website, or through our Facebook Page by clicking on the tab named “Email Signup” on the left, or finally through our feed page by choosing to subscribe by e-mail.

This first E-Book is titled “Tape Data Storage Tutorial” and will permit you to better understand the benefits of this storage media, why the marketing campaign called “Tape is dead” launched by some companies is not justified, and how tape media is going to evolve in the near future.

We hope you’ll enjoy at least one of our gifts, and we thank you again for this year spent doing business with you.

Happy Holidays to everyone from the Recycle Your Media Team! We hope this end of year will be filled with joy and happiness.

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