Quantum’s Latest Backup Solution 15.6 PB with LTO-5 tape!

Quantum Corp has recently announced their latest upgrades of data backup solution on Scalar i6000 tape library and DXi8500 disk device platforms.

To insure higher availability, Quantum has equipped the Scalar i6000 tape library with dual robotics. This provides a great storage space that amounts up to 15.6 PB of media content with LTO-5 tape. Individually, both the robotic arms of the device have an access to the tape drives. Even if one arm fails, the other one takes charge to ensure a smooth functioning of the system.

The Scalar i6000 also marks a software upgrade that adds the feature of dynamic provisioning and an active archive. This allows the administrators to create separate partitions of shelf space for the archived tapes. But previously, the archived tapes are used to be handled manually and were stored externally. The dynamic provisioning provides a lot of slots, and thereby helps in reducing wasted space.

The usable capacity of DXi8500 disk device has been upgraded to 40 to 320 TB from 20 to 200 TB. The organization also claims to improve rate of data ingest to 8.8 from 6.5 TB per hour. The senior director of Quantum disk products, said that a new technology in the software and a smarter use of the disk tiers helped much in improving the ingest rate for data deduplication.

For metadata and indexing, the DXi8500 uses faster SAS disk and stores the content on SATA drives of high capacity.

These upgraded products are expected to hit the market in December.

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