Storage Visions Conference: Unique and Professional

As we promised in the previous article ‘Visit RYM at Storage Visions Conference Jan. 8-9th’  below are our thoughts on this event.

It was the first time we decided to attend this Convention, and as an exhibitor and sponsor, we really liked it. Once again, meeting our current clients and potential new ones is an experience we cannot get enough of. Indeed, sharing our business face to face is something we enjoy. The visitors to our booth were really interested in our services, and we secured some nice business relationships moving forward. So good news: we are already recycling media from clients we met at this show since we got back two days ago.

We explained to everyone who came talk to us that our first priority was the secure data erasure. We also assured them about our certified tape media that is guaranteed equal to new performance with a lifetime warranty.

What was different from other Conventions was that many of the people who attended were in the press industry, must be because of CES the following day. But of course there were also end-users and some IT professionals like ourselves.

To show you what you missed, we took some photos so that it helps you get an idea of this event.

Leave us a comment if you have a personal review of this Convention, if you were there and what you thought about it!

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