Why IT Managers Love the HP LTO-5 Ultrium: More Proof that Tape Data Storage is a Wise Choice

In today’s world, organizations are quickly both growing their corporate data volumes and are becoming more concerned about security.

In their effort to manage massive amounts of data and keep it secure, IT managers are working day and night to find ways to ensure in-time data availability.

As technology is continually progressing, a growing number of large and medium sized organizations are tackling such challenges with HP’s ultra-high capacity LTO Ultrium 5 backup system. HP’s system offers the following features:

• Simplified data management

• Efficient storage/retrieval of huge data amounts under increased workloads

• Dynamic data rate matching for faster backups

• Dual media partitioning system for easy use

• Low-cost per GB in compressed mode = less than 5 cents

Because of its amazing capabilities and low-cost, many emerging and budget conscious organizations have chosen the system.

Additionally, the distinguishing feature of the HP LTO 5 Ultrium, which has IT managers reeling, is the dual media partitioning system. Also, for the first time a tape system works very similarly to a USB flash drive! Administrators can drag and drop or cut and paste data on to the LTO5 tape cartridge for ease of use.

The HP LTO5’s capacity sitting is an impressive 1.5TB and 140 MB/sec native speed. This backs up tech experts’ claims that tape density continues to grow exponentially. Back up capacity is an impressive 3 TB of data. The result of such capacity is a reduced number of tapes needed for storage, as compared to a few years ago. This is significant, as tape detractors often referred to the large amounts of shelf spaced for its housing.

There are no worries where the installation of an HP LTO5 system is concerned. Organizations can choose from two different models – one is full-height and the other half-height. Once installed, the system can be used for network back-ups, data mining, video archiving, complex IT infrastructures, and more. When tapes are full, the cartridges can be either stored on or off-site for years to come. They are extremely durable and can be recalled for use at any time.

LTO5 cartridges can be both bought new and/or used from leading tape recycling firm Recycle Your Media. The benefits of either purchasing recycled tape or selling used tape are twofold: (1) It makes tapes a true moneysaving investment, and (2) It decreases the number of tapes dumped into landfills each year.

Plus, for organizations looking to upgrade from an older tape system to the HP LTO5, it is a money saving proposal to worth with Recycle Your Media. Legacy tapes can be sold for cash and then be applied to the overall cost of newer tape. For more information on the recycling process, please call 949-757-0100.

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