Oracle Ships Over 1 Exabyte of Media for Its T10000C Tape Drives

Oracle continues to be a leading innovator in the impressive tape market for 2012 with the release of the company’s more than 1 Exabyte StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive. This marks the single most exciting, fast, and powerful product developed in StorageTek history.

The T10000C has the distinction of delivering the world’s most expansive capacity at 5TB native and offering the fastest transfer rate of up to 252 MB/second. The beauty of such a system lays in its ability to store massive amounts of data that can be accessed quickly and with ease.

If Oracle’s January 31st announcement is news to you, you may also be surprised to learn that Oracle shipped the most tape drives in the industry for the first half of 2011. It also was responsible for shipping the most tape libraries over 1,000 slots and retained more than 70 percent market share for LTO libraries over 1,000 slots.

When you breakdown Oracle’s expansive portfolio of tape storage products, it is quite easy to conclude that it is easily scalable, cost-effective, and energy efficient for organizations looking to safeguard their data. It is especially ideal when organizations are looking to archive proprietary data and store it for years to come. Unlike disk that requires online maintenance, Oracle’s solution can be largely offline and its tapes stored until needed for data recall.

Oracle’s StorageTek line of products has been carefully developed to work in conjunction with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle applications, and Oracle’s Sun servers. Additionally, it works extremely well with leading third-party mainframe and open system products.

When interviewed about the major leaps in technology that Oracle has made in recent history, James Cates, Vice President, Hardware Development for Oracle shared, “The consistent growth we’re seeing in our StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives further highlight the value of Oracle’s innovation in tape storage.”

As part of the LTO consortium, which also includes IBM and Quantum, Oracle leaders are working endlessly to make huge technological leaps in the tape market. It is very possible that the trio of companies realizes the timeliness and cost-effectiveness in tape, as the data storage needs of major companies continues to grow at alarming rates and the cost to maintain tape/digital-only storage solutions is both highly expensive and susceptible to vicious bugs.

Finally, Oracle understands that tape is an eco-friendly product that can be expunged and reformatted for reuse. Leading recyclers such as Recycle Your Media purchase used tape and utilize proprietary data eradication methods to fully expunge all data. The company then makes recycled tapes available at discounted pricing to organizations of all sizes.

Tape is definitely looking good in 2012! Stay tuned for more industry news!!

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