The Power of the Highly Compatible LTO-5 Tape Drive and Media

There are definite reasons as to why many leading and emerging organizations are increasingly investing in the LTO-5 disk drive provided by innovators IBM, Dell, Oracle, Quantum, and others.

One such reason surrounds the discovery that disk only data storage and back-up systems are quite dangerous for the maintenance of crucial data. As proven by Google after they nearly lost more than 500,000 e-mail accounts due to a bug that attacked their disk storage, a tape back-up saved them much grief. Organizations are beginning to understand that a disk/tape combo can ensure that data will never be lost.

Secondly, LTO-5 drive upload speeds the data back-up/recall processes quite impressive. Compressed transfer rates have been pushed up to 1008GB/hr. Also, capacity has increased to 3TB of compressed capacity, as compared to the LTO-4’s 1.6TB. The rapid increase of LTO density has really turned some heads in the technology world, providing the understanding that tape is not dead — and it’s not going away any time soon.

Thirdly, the LTO-5 drive is fully compatible with LTO-3 and LTO-4 tape. Data can be recalled as normal, also known as “read/write compatible.” This is extremely important for organizations that must abide by various data retention laws and regulations such as HIPPA, SEC, SOX, and more.

Fourthly, the LTO-5 drive includes AES 256-bit hardware based encryption that writes once and allows endless reading. Also known as WORM functionality, it can be utilized alongside the dual-partitioning feature for ease of use.

Finally, the latest and greatest tape technologies have the power to save organizations lots of money. With the increased costs of energy, organizational leaders are now becoming more aware of how expensive disk-only, fully-online solutions are to maintain. By utilizing the LTO-5 drive and LTO-5, LTO-4, and/or LTO-3 tapes as part of their data storage mix, they can dramatically cut costs while ensuring a more secure storage environment.

If you’ve found yourself scratching your head because you were told tape was dead, you may want to think again. The LTO consortium comprised of IBM, HP, and Quantum has already announced that the LTO-6 and LTO-7 are coming in the future.

A bonus benefit surrounding tape lays in the fact that it can be fully recycled and used again. Thus, if you are thinking of either getting rid of legacy tape or making an initial investment in recycled tape solutions, leading recycling organizations such as Recycle Your media can help you get started. The company pays cash for used tapes, while offering discounted pricing on perfectly working recycled tapes.

Stay tuned for more LTO tape information and developments in the days to come!

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