Why Recycling Tape is a Powerful Decision in 2012

Why Recycling Tape is a Powerful Decision in 2012
Is your organization ramping up its eco-friendly initiatives and considering recycling its collection of legacy data storage tapes? The beauty of today’s world is that there are recycling services and technologies that can both help your organization both care for the planet and gain extra cash to fund newer technologies.
Reasons Tape Recycling Makes Sense
• Reduced Landfills and Tape Incineration. It has been estimated that only 3 percent of organizations actually recycle their data storage tapes. This means that numerous legacy tapes are either being thrown into landfills or incinerated on a daily basis. The danger of such practices lays in the fact that landfills are toxic to the planet and the water supply, and incineration emits toxic chemicals into the air and adds to pollution levels.

 • Tape Recycling is Free & Cash Flow Enhancing. There are no fees associated with tape recycling. In fact, organizations can earn cash when they send their tapes to Recycle Your Media in Newport Beach, California. All working tapes are bought and a check written to your organization.

• All Data is Purged during Recycling Process. When recycling specialists (including Recycle Your Media) recycle tapes, a proprietary data eradication process is used to completely wipe legacy data out. The process was developed to be in keeping with requirements with regulations set by FACTA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SEC, DOD, SOC, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more. Additionally, tapes are resurfaced and made ready for reuse by other organizations.

• Positive Publicity. Today’s organizations must take their carbon imprint seriously. By engaging in an advanced program that includes the recycling of tape, electronic devices, paper, and/or printer ink cartridges, there are opportunities for publicly sharing your commitment to conservation and inspiring customer and partner loyalty.
It has been estimated that more than 80 percent of large organizations utilize tape as part of their data backup process. Because of the growing evidence that tape is the most reliable and most cost-effective means for backing up invaluable data, emerging organizations can truly benefit from your recycling efforts.
Also, you may want to consider purchasing recycled tapes for your organization. It is without a doubt both a smart financial decision and a good call for the environment!
For more information on recycling tape or purchasing recycled tape, Recycle Your Media invites your call their offices at 949-757-0100 or e-mail
Wishing you luck with your recycling efforts in 2012!!

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