How Tape Makes Data Compliance More Manageable

Are you a part of an organization in which data compliance is a defined and serious requirement, yet you are not quite sure how to build an infrastructure that will secure you against all security breaches, disk bugs, and technology advancements that may make your current solution obsolete?

As revealed by major organizations such as Google, Yahoo, other mega firms, it is important to develop a solid system that is scalable, durable and entirely efficient. This is why it is estimated that 80 percent of leading organizations choose to employ a dual system that includes a combination of disk and tape storage media.

In an effort to meet intense data security regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, D.O.D. and Sarbanes-Oxley, and more, the use of tape makes perfect sense:

• Bug Obsolete. Your organization never has to worry about a bug wiping out vital data when it is backed up by tape. Numerous organizations have found out the hard way how a bug can wipe out everything they have stored on disk. Because tape is stored offline, it is safe and sound and ready for use at any moment.• Durable. Tape is definitely a durable and sound medium for storing data. Industry tests have revealed that tape can withstand the elements for 30 and more years.• Density. Through 2012, tape density has increased by leaps and bounds. Now you have the power to store up to 3 TB of data on LTO-5 tape. While disk may be faster for information retrieval, it is predicted that tape will continue to surpass its density capabilities in the coming years.• Full Data Sanitization. Tape can be fully sanitized of all data and reused. This not only assures organizations that their data can be completely eradicated, but it also helps to save on buying more tape.

While disk has its definite advantages in some areas, tape is the best bet when it comes to data backups. For example, if you store you data on a disk storage system, the use of tape backups are an insurance policy against disk system failures, hacks, and nasty bugs. In the case that data is wiped off a disk, all you have to do is defer to your tape backup and the data will be fully restored.

Beyond securing data, the power of type lays in its ability to be fully recycled and reused. Leading recyclers including Recycle Your Media, will buy used tapes, completely sanitize/eradicate all data, and make them ready for reuse.

Tape holds amazing value in today’s world, which is why IBM, HP, Quantum, and other firms have placed a bet on tape advancements for the future!

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