Imation’s Releases New Data Storage Technologies for Small and Medium Sized Organizations

It was recently announced by leading global secure storage and data security innovator Imation Corp. that it is now offering enterprise-strength LTO storage tape libraries for small and medium-sized organizations. This is excellent news for firms that don’t want to invest in one of the whopping systems made available by other leading suppliers.

According to Imation, their L1200 LTO 2U and Imation L1400 LTO 4U Tape Libraries not only offer highest LTO data storage capacity, they provide up to 140 MB per second where data transfer is concerned. This translates to flexibility and seamless managing of digital content. Additionally Imation’s products are noted for their reliability, which is necessary for the meeting of data storage regulations and long-time retention.

Based on Imation’s most recent data storage industry research, the company cites that the volume of digital content for organizations is expected to grow by an amazing 48 percent in 2012 alone. This is a remarkable figure as the LTO tape industry is working hard to develop technologies to keep up with tape density demands.

Imation is also making a concerted effort to develop and make available technologies that will that will continue to keep data storage costs low, while adhering to regulatory compliance standards. This means that organizations that must follow regulations set forth by the SEC, FACTA, HIPAA, SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, DOD, and other regulatory bodies can be assured that their data will be successfully stored and available for retrieval at a moment’s notice.

According to Imation’s Bill Schilling, director of the Scalable Storage Marketing department, the company stands firm behind tape for data storage: “For SMBs facing rapidly increasing storage requirements, effective and secure tape archiving to manage valuable corporate information has been out of reach…that ends with solutions from Imation’s scalable storage portfolio.”

Imation’s scalable solution allows for the company to reach a much larger demographic, as now smaller and medium sized organizations can grow their data storage framework as needed, rather than having to invest in a massive data storage system that may never be used to full capacity.

Currently, Imation’s LTO 2U and LTO 4U Tape Libraries can be purchased through many vendors worldwide. Call us for a referral.

Imation’s news comes at a time that sees LTO technologies continuing to impress experts and organizations alike. Tape is without a doubt alive and well afterall!!

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