LTO Comes Out on Top for 4Q11 Tape Cartridge Revenues

According to the Santa Clara Consulting Group, tape cartridge sales reached $187.45 million in the final quarter of 2011, with LTO Ultrium backup tape leading the way as it accounted for nearly 90 percent of total sales. This equates to just over $168 million in sales at a time in which the LTO market is expected to continue to surge.

Experts agree that LTO sales will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, as in quarter four of 2011sales were up by 5.9 million units from the previous quarter. LTO sales included a mix of LTO-1 (1%), LTO-2 (7%), LTO-3 (18%), LTO-4 (36%), and LTO-5 (39%). This reveals that the majority of organizations are employing the most recent versions of the technology. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2012, as the newer versions offer massive densities and are much faster.

Where brands are concerned, HP owned 34% of the share of sales, while Fuji and IBM where second and third respectively. In 2012, this trend is expected to continue; however, other key brands are expected to step up the pace and offer cutting-edge tape technologies. In fact, as the LTO-6 is being developed, don’t be surprised when you see other players emerge and give HP a run for their money.

The DDS/DAT cartridge saw a double-digit decrease, with a 10% decline. DAT-72 garnered 46% of unit sales and 43% of the value of the segment. Additionally, DAT-160 trailed with a 25% value of the segment and DAT-320 owned 8%. Once again, HP led the way within this market with nearly 70% market share. The entire DDS/DAT market segment accounted for only $8 million in sales and played second to the LTO segment.

The DLT-S cartridge segment also saw HP as the leader, followed by Quantum and Maxell. According to experts, DLT-S sales are expected to rise in 2012. Quarter one sales of 2012 are being estimated at $4.73 million. DLT-V sales are also expected to rise in 2012, as 4Q11 sales were $2.53 million. In this segment, Quantum owned 58% percent of all sales and HP held 16%. This may be indicative of Quantum’s growing presence in the marketplace. Finally, DLTtape IV cartridges accounted for 41% of units sold and is predicted to fall in the coming months as other viable options become available.

In the AIT media world, Sony stole the spotlight with 87% of sales and QIC cartridges saw Imation steal the show with a 94% market share.

Finally, the 8mm metal particle saw Sony lead the way with 42% of the market share. Expect to see much more of Sony in the years to come as it announced earlier this year that it will be releasing an impressive 3.2TB LTO-6 in the near future. Additionally, the company continues to offer LTO-1 to LTO-5 tape.

Stay tuned for more developments on the backup storage tape front!

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