Recycle Your Media Adds Eco Friendly Tape Shredding to its Services

Are you currently shredding and/or incinerating your magnetic tape and looking for a more environmentally friendly approach to disposal?

As you are probably well aware, when tape is shredded, it is usually sent to overstuffed landfills and incinerated tape emits dangerous toxins into the environment.

In order offer another alternative, the Recycle Your Media team has developed an all-new recycling program in which we shred and then meltdown plastic tape cartridges. Once melted down, the materials can be used to create street signs to be used throughout the United States.

Our all-new program allows for the following items to be shredded, melted and repurposed:

• Obsolete Valueless Tape Media

• VHS Tape

• Floppy Disks

• CD Diskettes

• Other Plastics

After numerous hours of research and testing, we discovered a safe and environmentally friendly approach to melting such plastics. Our all-new recycling method assures the security of all data, protects the earth, and is quite monetarily feasible.

Of course our true passion is recycling and reusing tapes that still have value, yet there comes a time in which tape is valueless and reuse is no longer possible. Rather than send them to landfills or incineration specialists, you can breathe easy knowing that:

1. Your materials will not be sent to one of the many landfills that are polluting the country.

2. The Sign Factory is located in the US and no materials will be shipped overseas.

3. This is the most cost-effective option for disposal.

4. All sensitive data is completely destroyed and a certificate will be provided for your records.

5. The process meets and even exceeds HIPAA, DOD, and other government laws, regulations, acts, and policies.


7. This process is R2 and ISO 9001 Certified.

When considering cost, you will find that typical shredding services normally cost between .75 cents to 3 dollars per pound. Plus, often times you are forced to pay for shipping costs from your location.

Our recycling fees include shipping to the sign manufacturing plant. When all is said and done, you can imagine your recycled tapes along a busy highway or in a family neighborhood as revolutionary street signs. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to tell the world that your organization is making a difference and protecting the environment for generations to come!

Contact the Recycle Your Media team for more information or a price quote at or 877-RY-TAPE.

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