7 Reasons the LTO Ultrium 5 is the Ideal Tape Backup Solution


In today’s world, organizations are searching for the most reliable and cost-effective manner to back up their rapidly growing amounts of data. It has been noted by the LTO consortium comprised of IBM, Quantum, and HP, that 50 to 60 percent of the world’s major businesses utilize a mix of tape and disk to both store and backup proprietary data.


More specifically, organizations are increasingly utilizing LTO Ultrium 5 for their backup solutions. There are a handful of reasons the LTO 5 (the most recent version of LTO technology) is growing in popularity, including the following:


1. Impressive Density. The LTO 5 can accommodate 3TB of compressed data, as compared to the LTO 4which allows for 1.6 TB in compressed mode. The fact that the LTO 5 offers nearly two times more density has made industry experts take notice.


2. Several Brand Options.For organizations that are brand conscious, they are quite motivated by the fact that they can choose from Maxwell, Dell, Sony, Fuji, Quantum, Imation, and HP tape.


3. Impressive Feature Set.The LTO 5 includes several features that make it easy-to-use, fast, and efficient. Cutting-edge features include data encryption, WORM, dual media partition, and to effectively manage huge databases.


4. Increased Speed.For IT managers who can’t stand waiting around, the LTO 5 is ideal because it runs at 140 MB/second. This is 15 percent faster than the LTO 4.


5. Compatibility. There are numerous organizations rooted in LTO 3and LTO 4 tape. One of the benefits of the LTO 5 drive is that it is fully compatible with both the LTO 3 and LTO 4. Data can be recalled from them as normal, which is vital for businesses and organizations that must abide by various data retention laws and regulations.


6. Linear Tape File System (LTFS).The LTO 5 is different from all past generations with respects to its extremely valuable LTFS. It allows for the LTO 5 to operate exactly like a USB flash drive. For instance, users can copy files and paste them to or from a computer drive. This simplifies tape usage by leaps and bounds by streamlining the organizational process.


7. Cost Savings. Organizations are increasingly understanding of how much money can be saved by mixing tape into their data retention and backup strategies. When data is backed up and stored offline rather than online, energy savings are quite significant. Additionally, tape is fully recyclable and reusable, which provides opportunities for purchasing tape at lower prices and gaining cash/credit for used tapeswith leading recycling firms including Recycle Your Media.


Proponents of tape are amazed at what the LTO consortium has planned for the future. Not only is the LTO 6 going to be released in the near future -- the LTO 7 and LTO 8 are already planned for development! It is expected that tape density will continue to increase at unbelievable rates.


More proof that tape is alive and thriving!!

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We Buy Used LTO-5 and Sell All Brands of LTO5 We Buy Used LTO-5 and Sell All Brands of LTO5