Disk Only Data Backup is Risky Business – Proven by Google

How Google Proved that Disk Only Data Backup is Risky Business

It has been recently reported that a number of organizations are increasingly backing up their data stored on disk with tape. A perfect example is Stack Overflow, a leading Website with more than 95 million page views each month, which recently disclosed that they utilize both disk and tape to assure that their data is always available.

According to Stack Overflow, their use of disk backup is for fast and immediate data retrieval and tape backup for historical archiving and off-line storage. While this may seem unreasonable to some, one has to point no further than the recent Google bug that saw hundreds of thousands of e-mail accounts lost into thin air.

It was a grim day in Google’s history – one in which numerous customers thought that their e-mail accounts were lost forever. But who would guess…tape backups saved the day! According to Google, the company utilizes both disk and tape across several data centers. When disk failed, Google went into its tape archives and was able to restore all e-mail accounts.

Google has sited its reasoning for using both disk and tape as necessary because:

• A single bug has the power to instantly wipe a disk clean of data.

• Tape is a cost-effective means for backing up data – largely because it is kept offline

• Tape is durable and can be stored for decades

It is safe to say that without its reliance on tape, Google would be taking a risk that would put its millions of users at risk for lost data. Likewise, many emerging companies take a similar risk when relying on disk alone.

In an effort to develop a tape backup system, it is important to know that there are numerous formats to choose from including Super DLT1, SuperDLT2, LTO 1, LTO 2, LTO 3, LTO 4, LTO 5, AIT 1, AIT 2, AIT 3, AIT 4, AIT 5, 3592, T10000 T10K, VXA, DLT VS1, SLR, MLR, QIC and many others.

Tape can be either bought new or recycled. This is a great benefit for emerging organizations looking to cut costs, while improving data security. The recycling process includes full eradication of all data stored on each tape and a use analysis to make sure that they are in working order.

Recycled tapes can be purchased from or sold to leading organizations such as Recycle Your Media (RYM). The common scenarios are as follows:

• Organizations looking to build out their first data storage system purchase new or recycled tape from RYM.

• Organizations looking to upgrade their legacy tape data storage systems trade in their old tape and gain credit toward the purchase of newer tape formats.

• Organizations sell their legacy tapes to RYM for cash and have them recycled.

For more information on recycling tape or building out your tape data storage infrastructure, call RYM at 949-757-0100 or email buyback@recycleyourmedia.com. You can also read numerous articles surrounding tape storage on the RYM Website www.RecycleYourMedia.com.

Disk Only Backup is Risky Business

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Disk Only Backup is Risky Business Disk Only Backup is Risky Business