How Tape Redeployment Services Can Help Your Bottom Line

Tape Redeployment Services Can Help Your Bottom Line?

Simply put, instead of buying new tape media send us your used out of archive media and we will erase, test, refurbish, repackage and warranty the used media for reuse.

If you are in the process of making a major upgrade in your tape media storage infrastructure, you should seriously think about how you will effectively replace and redeploy your system. The ramifications of failing to plan can be quite costly, especially if you are responsible for maintaining industry data regulations as set forth by FACTA, HIPAA, etc. This is where Recycle Your Media (RYM) comes into the picture…

We are in the business of assuring our clients 100 percent success in revolutionizing and unifying their data tape media storage infrastructures.

It is all too easy for organizations of all sizes to forget that several media products often come into the mix. For example, it is quite common for a firm to utilize a combination of LTO, SDLT, 3592, T10000, ETC. Thus, it is important to make sure that either data is converted to the new format or older machines are kept available to access the data on tape. We understand this reality and work to educate our clients on how to best handle the process.

In order to develop a comprehensive system that makes sense for your organization, our highly personalized team will develop a strategic plan for organizing and/or moving data storage equipment. This process will most likely include labeling, initializing, and possibly shipping to various locations within your organization.

Each scenario is usually quite unique but often includes:

• Pickup of the media

Transportation of equipment

• Data storage media inspection and testing

• Removal of old labels

Data erasure and degaussing

New label and internal initialization (L&I) if required

Data destruction of all unusable or defective media

• Storage of media until redeployment

• Asset tracking to ensure accurate identification of all available media

• Shipment to new location

When data is eradicated and tapes disposed of, we provide a certificate of data destruction that can be shared with key regulatory bodies when needed. Once all is said and done, you and your organization can rest easy knowing that your data is being safeguarded and will be easily accessed for years to come.

How Tape Recycling and Other Electronics Recycling Efforts Fit Into the Mix

We currently work with organizations of all sizes to recycle legacy tape and make it available for reuse. Not only does the process safeguard the environment, it also puts money back into your pocket.

While working to organize your data storage system and/or redeployment efforts, a major part of the process is identifying tape media that you can recycle. All recycled tape that can be reused is bought by Recycle Your Media. Your organization is then provided either credit for newer tape formats or compensation in the form of a check.

In today’s world, there are many options available that will both save your organization time and money. We at Recycle Your Media are here to support your effort!

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Finished Refurbished LTO Tape Media for Redeployment

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Finished Refurbished LTO Tape Media for Redeployment Finished Refurbished LTO Tape Media for Redeployment