Why Data Storage Experts are Increasingly Giving Backup Tape Media Rave Reviews

Why Data Storage Experts are Increasingly Giving Backup Tape Media Rave Reviews

According to leading data storage experts, the adage that “Tape is dead” is plain incorrect. This comes at a moment in time in which HP has released their 3 TB capacity LTO-5 and Crossroads has introduced StrongBox to market, allowing for easy management of data. Both tape devices far supersede the expectation of experts, who as early as last year charged that disk would gain in market share while tape would become nearly obsolete.

Reasons Experts Are Betting on Tape for the Future

Capacity – As time progresses, tape developers such as HP and Crossroads are developing technologies that are far surpassing the capacity of disk hard drives and flash drives. As mentioned prior, HP’s LTO-5 houses 3 TB of data and can read or write 1 TB of data per hour. Thus far, disk drive technologies don’t come close. Also, StrongBox’s larger model is able to store up to 5 billion files.

Cost – Because disk drives have to be maintained online and require fast transfer speeds, cost per gigabyte is much more expensive. Tape tends to cost approximately 5 cents per gig. Also, the cost of development for disk and/or flash technologies is much higher, thus the initial investment is quite higher than tape. With the economy is a slump, the cost factor is extremely important.

Increasing Ease of Use– It was once purported that management of tape media is much more difficult than disk. This was true; however, Crossroads’ StrongBox utilizes linear tape file systems that can be used in the same manner as disk. Files can be dragged and dropped into their respective folders and accessed relatively quickly.

Tape is Recyclable – Tape is the perfect solution for organizations looking to take a “green” approach to their technologies. Organizations such as Recycle Your Media (RYM) have developed proprietary technologies for recycling, sanitizing, and reselling high-quality used tape. They also help growing companies upgrade their tape systems by purchasing legacy tapes and providing credit toward the purchase of newer devices with higher storage capacity and power.

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While companies are increasingly investing in tape solutions, it is important to realize out that many are actively using disk storage for data storage where information needs to be accessed instantaneous. It is quite common for emerging organizations to back all data up on disk to be stored off-line. Experts are expecting this trend to change as tape becomes faster and easier to manage in the coming months and years. According to Network Computer Blogger’s David Hill, this may spell trouble for the disk and flash drive worlds. Time will definitely tell!

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