Why Tape Labeling and Initialization Services Key to Organizational Success

Why Tape Labeling and Initialization Services Key to Organizational Success

There is often a common theme that runs within organizations that try to manage their own data storage system upgrades and changes…the process often becomes overly time-consuming and overwhelming. This can lead to mismanagement and loss of vital data.

Unfortunately, many organizations that have mismanaged their legacy data have had to learn the hard way when vital information has been unable to be recalled. For example, if an organization’s system is hit with a bug and needs to utilize a tape backup that has vanished, there can be major consequences.

This is why many leading organizations turn to Recycle Your Media (RYM) for tape media storage system management during a system upgrade or move. Our dedicated team works to carefully label, organize, and initialize new and redeployed tape in an effort to save our clients time and money.

Data Storage Labeling

Our strategic and organized sequential and non-sequential labeling processes takes the guessing game out of the data inventory equation. Some of our dedicated customers utilize our labeling services regularly, while others use them one-time.

Regardless of how many times we work to organize a customer’s data storage system, our tape organization method is easy to follow and continue to maintain. While most organizations have the best intentions in mind when deciding to internally handle system upgrades and moves, all too often the assigned staff doesn’t know exactly how to effectively organize and maintain data storage devices.

Data Storage System Redeployment

In the case that an organization is upgrading or moving their data storage effort, our team works to make the effort as painless as possible. All tape is carefully labeled and initialized for possible use in the future.

Additionally, we make sure that our customers’ infrastructures are up and running quickly. The adage “time is money” definitely applies to the data storage world, as the longer you wait to have an efficiently running data storage system, the more likely costly system errors can occur.

Where Tape Recycling Fits into the Equation

Recycle Your Media assures all of our clients that we will discover ways to:

• Help cut down on the amount of tapes stored in-house.

• Save and even gain cash when possible.

• Discover environmentally sound ways in which to dispose of data media cartridges through reuse or shredding and turning them into Eco-friendly products.

As we work to organize our clients’ storage media systems, our team works to identify legacy tape that can be recycled and reused by other organizations. This keeps tape from landfills and incineration, both of which are harmful to the environment.

All tape that is recycled and able to be reused is bought and payment is made to our customers. It’s truly a win-win situation for all parties involved!

LTO Tape Media Labeled Initialized in Library Tray

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LTO Tape Media Labeled Initialized in Library Tray LTO Tape Media Labeled Initialized in Library Tray