12 Point Process

1. Each tape has been properly handled and stored in optimal conditions and well treated in transit.

2. Fully sorted by type, brand, general age and logo.

3. Each tape has been properly handled by operators and/or equipment (i.e. shell load marks, labeling).

4. Physical outer inspection of cartridge shell condition, screws, hubs, and mechanism rattles.

5. Operational physical inspection of door latch, load point, and hub location.

6. Detailed sort by site and date of manufacture using manufacturer’s serial numbers.

7. Examine tape to detect signs of excessive use or wear (i.e. hub wear, door mechanism wear, leader wear).

8. Degauss four passes with inversion and two 45 degree turns for full deep erasure.

9. Clean with proper materials and recondition outer shell.

10. Stamp with Eco-Stor identification, serial number and date code.

11. Seal, secure, and tightly shrink wrap in correct material.

    12. Package in all new, properly designed and labeled shipping cartons.