What is a Recycled Tape Media Cartridge?

With the spiraling economic downturn constantly on the minds of business owners and consumers, it is resourceful to look for alternatives in spending or find products with equal quality for less. For that reason, Recycle Your Media located in Newport, Beach California has created Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media.

Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media is reliable, economically efficient, eco-friendly and more importantly, a product that possesses the same quality as other costly brand name data tapes that are new. For example a new Super DLTII tape sells for $70 per tape. Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media sells for 20-50% less, offering a savings of $14,000 to $35,000 per 1,000 tapes. In today's economy, using Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media is not only a cost-incentive for an organization, but contributes greatly to the deterrence of e-waste in landfills.

One thing to consider is there are many competitors that market their products as re-certified, re-conditioned, refurbished, etc. These are not the same as a data tape that is Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™, and there truly is no comparison.

Here's how it works: After the used tape media is acquired, and only after thorough testing does a single data tape even qualify to become Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™.  Certified for Reuse™ tape media have been through a 12 Point handling and 12 point Inspection; this procedure is as follows:

1. Each tape has been properly handled and stored in optimal conditions and well treated in transit.

2. Fully sorted by type, brand, general age and logo.

3. Each tape has been properly handled by operators and/or equipment (i.e. shell load marks, labeling).

4. Physical outer inspection of cartridge shell condition, screws, hubs, and  mechanism rattles.

5. Operational physical inspection of door latch, load point, and hub location.

6. Detailed sort by site and date of manufacture using manufacturer's serial numbers.

7. Examine tape to detect signs of excessive use or wear (i.e. hub wear, door mechanism wear, leader wear).

8. Degauss four passes with inversion and two 45 degree turns for full deep erasure.

9. Clean with proper materials and recondition outer shell.

10. Stamp with Eco-Stor identification, serial number and date code.

11. Seal, secure, and tightly shrink wrap in correct material.

12. Package in all new, properly designed and labeled shipping cartons.

It is critical that the "Certified for Re-use™" tape media you purchase undergo this array of different tests and processes. Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tapes are put through a series of procedures; they are cleaned, fully erased, meticulously examined, re-packaged and clearly identified as a tape certified for resale. For that reason, Eco-Stor™ is not only a product of quality, but a product you can trust.

The benefit of purchasing Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media not only lies in the savings and efficiency of the product, but also, it is important to understand the value Certified for Reuse™ tape has compared to other refurbished and new data tapes on the market. New tape media is designed to perform reliably for years. However, the reality is that it is extremely uncommon for a single data tape to be used for even a fraction of its life expectancy. What's more, tape media that is used for routine data protection and archival is often stored on a shelf for months, or perhaps years before they are re-used in house or disposed of. This is exactly the type of quality tape media that is acquired by reputable tape media re-certifiers like Storage Media Brokers.

Very few companies in this industry can ensure the highest quality performance of reconditioned and recertified tape media. Nor do they ensure complete satisfaction by offering the best guarantees.  Based on hypothetical figures, the difference between Used tape, Recertified tape, and Certified for Reuse ("like-new") tape are as follows:

" Used tape $5 - $15 (might not work) " Recertified tape $15 - $25 (might work, most of the time) " Eco-Stor "Certified for Reuse" $25 - $35 (every tape works perfectly, every time).

Recycle Your Media who sells Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media offer an Unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee that ensures a full refund for all Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media, a one-Year Product Warranty that guarantee if any items do not meet or exceed to perform by industry standard criteria within one year from the purchase date, the product will be replaced at no charge to the customer, and  a LIFETIME Product Warranty on all Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ branded data media products which protects against all defects in materials and workmanship. Any items will be replaced for free, for the lifetime of the product.

 "The reputation of "re-certifiers" is not an issue to take lightly," says Brian Musil of Recycle Your Media in Newport Beach, California. That is why Recycle Your Media prides itself in offering Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media that is considered "like-new." Not only has the tape media gone through a scrupulous process, but it is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. "Our product sells easily, stays sold and brings repeat orders, says Musil." If that isn't a reason enough to convince those that are uncertain about the quality and reliability of Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ a sample of the product is always available upon request.

When you buy Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ rest assured, you are buying the "best of the best."  It is a product that has been created and fine-tuned with the eco-friendly, economically conscious resellers and information technology managers in mind. It is also a product that ensures reliability, and has clearly set the standard for all tape media re-certifiers and re-conditioners in the industry.

In these trying times, purchasing Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media shouldn't raise concerns about the reliability of the product or the cost. Neither should it make those who are unaware of recertified tape media hesitant or leery. You get what you pay for, and you are paying for superiority. At one point, you must accept the fact that recertified tapes like Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ are deliberately manufactured and tested to ensure your satisfaction. They are warranted, tested, and guaranteed to work every time or your money back. So frankly, what is the purpose of paying full price for new data tape, when you can buy Eco-Stor™ Certified for Reuse™ tape media that will virtually last a lifetime for a fraction of the cost?