Get to Know the Team

Find below a quick presentation of the Team and the Company:

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Brian Musil

Director of sales and purchasing, Brian founded Recycle Your Media in 2005. Passionate about the tape media business and “doing the right thing” with tape media at its end-of-life without compromising data security… “SAVE THE TAPES!”

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.101 / AIM: media1brian

Micah Kersh

Micah a neighbor and friend of Brian’s decided to join RYM in December of 2010. He is currently saving the world one tape at a time buying surplus new and used tape media and selling new and certified tape media.

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.102 /AIM: media1micah

Posh K. Gardiner

Posh a business and marketing graduate from CSULB started as an intern in the company, and because of his commercial skills and his devotion, he is now a full time tape media sales and purchasing representative.

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.103 / AIM: media1posh

Laura Said

Laura is a French student who has been hired to be in charge of the Marketing Department of the company. She is now the webmaster for RYM and has a bright future ahead of her.

Contact: / 949-757-0100 / AIM: media1laura

Dustin Meissner

Dustin joined the team in August 2011; very helpful and great to work with he is an RYM Purchasing Specialist that is willing to help you with any tape recycling requirements.

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.107 / AIM: media1dustin

Matt Babbitt

Matt went to the same high school as Brian, they reconnected through friends over the years. Matt has now joined the team in October 2011. Like Dustin, he is in the Tape Media Purchasing Department.

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.105 / AIM: media4babbitt

Eric Wilson

Lead technical support with his former employer makes him a great fit for RYM. Eric is focused on the buyback of surplus new and used data tapes. Well versed on our data destruction processes Eric can help you with any data security concerns you may have. 

Contact: / 949-757-0100 ext.112 / AIM: media1eric