Recycle Your Data Tapes for CASH!!

Our future will be immersed in a hazardous and toxic waste environment due to the ignorance and carelessness of corporations today.  Do you care?

Recycle Your Media is focused on business practices that are socially and environmentally responsible and follow policies that recognize the holistic nature of economic, social and environmental issues we face. These topics include but are not limited to Recycle Your Media's mission; recycling, minimizing landfill and providing "earth friendly data storage products."

Most companies today are focused on having the most technologically advanced storage solutions, and therefore, prematurely terminating their storage media and hardware. This raises an issue due to the fact that other corporations, governments and data centers can still utilize these products.

Brian Musil,, founder and V.P. of Worldwide Business Development is focused and concerned about the statistics involving the destruction of our environment caused by excess e-waste in landfills.

"I realized that there needs to be a solution that is ecologically sensible, technologically reliable and economically viable," Musil said. Therefore, has innovated and perfected a way to insure companies worldwide that there is a solution to these ongoing issues. The answer is to sell your unwanted or out of archive data tapes to us! We have perfected our data destruction processes to ensure your sensitive data can not be recovered to a 3rd party. Our website has all of our processes and information you will need to start or give Brian Musil a call or email yourself!

Contact Brian Musil by phone or email: 001-949-757-0100

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