Relief From Recycling Woes

Cover Story: IT Recyclers Ease The Headaches That Come With Ditching Old, Unused Equipment 

If there’s one guarantee that comes with running a data center, it’s that equipment will eventually grow obsolete or otherwise useless. As government regulations surrounding the disposal of IT equipment and media become ever more stringent, data centers are now challenged to find dependable, trustworthy recyclers they can turn to throughout the year. Here’s a glimpse at several such companies that are aware of those challenges and are increasingly providing flexible options for data centers across the country.

Recycle Your Media

The environmental hazards involved with dumping e-waste in landfills are well-documented, but the practice nonetheless continues today as companies look for a quick way to unload unused equipment. However, Recycle Your Media (888/757-8273;, created for the purpose of deterring e-waste in landfills, is looking to stem the tide. By using the company’s recycling services, data centers can fill their pockets instead of filling landfills.

“We realized that there needs to be a solution that is ecologically sensible, technologically reliable, and economically viable,” says Brian Musil, senior storage acquisitions manager for Recycle Your Media. “Recycle Your Media allows customers to recycle their unwanted, used, or obsolete storage media. Used tape that is not physically damaged and has not exceeded its end of useful life can be sold to Recycle Your Media, where we will securely remove all existing data from the tape and certify secure data eradication by providing a certificate of data destruction.”

According to Musil, the cost to have tapes removed and destroyed can range from $3 to $8 per tape. On the other hand, Recycle Your Media will not only pay the postage for sending data cartridges, it will also pay for the media itself. The company accepts a wide range of tapes, including DLT, SDLT, LTO, AIT, SD1, 8mm, 4mm, 3590, 9840, and 9940.

"The future for recycling is clear, and more so, corporations are gaining a better understanding of the importance of recouping costs and purchasing ‘certified for reuse’ data tapes vs. new tape media,” Musil says. “Recycle Your Media has always had a forward-thinking approach, and it is of great value to encourage all IT managers and corporations worldwide that this is the way to incur economical and ecological efficiency.”

Written by Christian Perry