Setting the Standard of Tape Disposal

Written by Administator Data Center Journal  
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
 With the number of policies in place protecting data security, and the storage of data, businesses need to be cautious and responsible in how they dispose of their data storage media. Corporate and government representatives now have a secure alternative to manage their end of life tape media.Recycle Your Media, located in Newport Beach, Calif., offers tape disposal services that are forthright about the precise procedures they take in data destruction. While practicing the most secure methods today, and complying with governmental privacy and storage laws such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach Bliley,, also provides a legally binding certificate of data destruction to assure data centers and Chief Information Officers that their data is safe. Whether tapes are being destroyed or recycled, it is crucial that they are properly handled. Steps must be taken to ensure companies that their data is being eradicated accurately.

Data Tape Disposal

    Recycle Your Media is a company that allows consumers to recycle their unwanted, used, and surplus data cartridges. Recycle Your Media is known for being “the secure end of life data solution.” The most viable solution for your end-of-life media is to recycle. Whilst environmentally sound due to the overabundance of e-waste in landfills, recycling is also economically sensible given that it can recoup IT costs.

    Brian Musil, Recycle Your Media, Vice President of Worldwide Business Development, is forward thinking in the environmental issues that go hand in hand with e-waste and is also focused on the fears of data security and data tape eradication.

    “I realized that there needs to be a solution that is environmentally sensible while providing a service that is a secure source for end of life tape media,” Musil said.

    Not only is the secure end of life data solution, recycling your data storage media is also a way to recoup IT costs in an environmentally sound manner. Recycle Your Media is saving the world one data tape at a time.