RYM Statistics

  • Statistics concerning Recycle Your Media:

99.9% of all tape that we recycle is re-used; the .1% that isn’t reused is incinerated into green energy.

From 2005 to 2011:

Total tapes: + 2,202,597

Pounds: + 1,539,817.9

Tons: + 769.90

Recycle Your Media is a worldwide company currently conducting business in over 40 countries to date.

We currently work with over 1,236 clients in the USA, and about 300 clients around the world.

On record 566 resellers regularly purchase our recycled tape and distribute to thousands of users around the world.

RYM just made its 16000th transaction this year.

Numbers of lost tapes in any way shape or form = ZERO.

Our growth this year is 107%.

  • Statistics concerning Tape Media:

Some relatively unknown and over looked factoids:

50% of all paper is recycled

45% of all aluminum cans are recycled

34% of all plastic bottles are recycled

33% of all toner and inkjets are recycled

LESS THAN 3% of all computer back-up tapes are recycled!

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) report found that 82 percent of organizations still use tape to support all or a portion of on-site backup processes.

A UK survey of 1,000 business found that 83 percent of respondents still use tape storage systems to back up and protect their information. It also found that 24 percent planned to purchase additional tape systems in the coming year.

  • E-Waste in General:

In 2008, over 3 million tons of e-waste was disposed of in the USA, and nowadays, e-waste is still the fastest growing municipal waste stream in this country.

Computer Products (include tape media): 157.3 million of units were trashed in landfills, while only 48.3 million of units were recycled, which means that around 18% of disposed computer products were recycled.

In 2010, 68% of unwanted computer equipment was stored in habitations instead of being recycled.

According to the UN Environment Program, the worldwide total for e-waste could be 50 million tons per year.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an estimated 30 to 40 million PCs will be ready for "end-of-life management" in each of the next few years.

Many electronic devices contain high enough levels of toxic materials such as lead, barium, cadmium, and mercury that render them hazardous when disposed. Hence recycling is essential.

Around 3 to 4 million tons of used and end-of-life electronics equipment have been recycled last year in the U.S.A, and this figure must keep on increasing in the future.

The electronics recycling industry has provide a boost close to $5 billion to the U.S. economy (up from less than $1 billion in 2002) and employs more than 30,000 full time employees (up from 6,000 in 2002).

For more information on e-waste, you can go check our Wikipedia article “Recycle Your Media”.