What Do You Do With Your Old Tapes?

Recycle Your Media Buys All Types Of Tapes & Recycles Them Using Secure & Environmentally Sound Methods

The most viable solution for your end-of-life media is to recycle using a reputable service provider such as Recycle Your Media. Not only is tape recycling environmentally sound due to the overabundance of e-waste in landfills, it is also economically sensible because you can recoup IT costs.

Virtually every enterprise uses tape media for protecting and storing data. And the use of tape media is growing sharply as the amount of electronic information grows and enterprises face increasing legal and regulatory pressure to store electronic information.

No Trivial Matter

According to the EPA, nearly 3 million tons of consumer electronic waste was generated in 2003; it’s estimated that only about 11% of this was recycled. Tape disposal is not a trivial matter. Not only does tape contain confidential company information that must be either erased or destroyed so that it does not fall into the wrong hands, but tape media is not biodegradable and should be eliminated from the solid waste stream.

To reduce costs, ill-equipped or unreputable recyclers may work through brokers to send media to other countries or illegal waste dumps in the U.S. That means your tapes and data may change hands many times before being destroyed.

When dealing with disposal service providers, reputation is the most important factor to consider. Always work with a reputable disposal service provider that uses only approved disposal methods and can provide you with a certificate guaranteeing your tape has been properly disposed of.

A reputable disposal service provider can even bring the degaussing equipment onsite and manage it with trained personnel. For tape media that contains sensitive information, this provides a means of recycling, rather than destroying, tape media.

Your Tape Disposal Options

There are two methods of disposing of tape media: destruction or eradication. In destruction, the tape is incinerated or cut and pulverized. Eradication involves erasing the tape’s data by applying a high-intensity magnetic field to the tape. Proper erasure removes the risk that the pre-existing data on the tape falls into the wrong hands. But only professional-grade degaussing equipment, correctly calibrated and operated by experts such as Recycle Your Media, will do a proper job of erasing cartridges.

To reduce the risk of losing confidential data, the easy decision may be to destroy the tape, but this carries a cost burden and it impacts the environment. The decision to recycle tape has advantages for the environment and for your expenses, but it also carries the risk of data loss.

When choosing whether to recycle tapes, consider these factors:

• Tape that has been mishandled or is old and worn out or simply damaged cannot be used again. This tape has no more useful life and should be destroyed.

• If your tape media is in good condition, recycle it. Even if a tape is two years old, it likely has not been used continuously. It is common to find tape that has only been used for a fraction of its useful life.

• If you’re upgrading to the newest tape technology, chances are other organizations can still utilize the tapes. In this case, recycling is the right option.

Perfect For Recycling

Recycle Your Media is focused and concerned about the statistics involving the destruction of our environment caused by excess e-waste in landfills. Recycle Your Media exists to provide a service that is environmentally conscious and prides itself in maintaining safe and secure methods for your end-of-life data solution. Recycle Your Media has innovated and perfected a way to ensure companies worldwide that there is a solution to these ongoing issues.

Sell us your new, used, or even obsolete media. Your sensitive data is secure and destroyed with manufacturer-approved processes and equipment, and you will get a Confidentiality Agreement upon request.

We’ve implemented an aggressive data media recycling program that is easier than ever. Every Recycle Your Media master shipment includes a prepaid product-shipping label. When conscientious customers return data cartridges, we pay the postage.

Can My Media Be Degaussed?

Not all popular computer cartridges can be degaussed and must instead be overwritten with special software. Consult this chart for common media that can and cannot be degaussed.

Product TypeOK To Degauss (Yes/No)
AIT 1,2,3,4Yes
Travan 1,2,3Yes
Travan 4,5,7No
9940 / 9940No
LTO 1,2,3No