Sell your Used Tapes

For a free audit to find out the value of your old IT equipment contact us at toll free number 877-RY-TAPES or email

Here is the reason why you want to resell your media tapes.

  • Guaranteed Total Data Security: "Safer than Shredding"

  • High power 100% data erasure - NOT PARTIAL OVERWRITING

  • Complete Documentation: Certificates of Total Erasure, Chain of Custody, Individual Tape Audit List, etc

  • Detailed sort results in writing - total transparency

  • Free transportation

  • Highest values paid

  • Prompt payment in full when and where you want it


Tape Details:

Recycle Your Media is your BEST source for secure end of life data solution for all data tapes. Totally secure data destruction and data tape disposal is our specialty. No one does more to provide your tapes a simple, safe, documented and profitable end of life.

Resell Maxell LTO 6
Resell Maxell LTO 5
Resell Quantum LTO 5
Sell Used HP C7975A LTO-5 Ultrium 3TB RW Data Cartridge
Sell Used Oracle LTO 5
Sell Used IBM LTO-5 Backup Tape Cartridge 1500GB/3000GB
Sell Used Tandberg LTO 5
Sell Used TDK LTO 5
Sell Used Sony LTO 5
Sell Used Ultrium LTO 4
Sell Dell LTO-6 Tape Media Ultrium
Resell HP LTO 6
Resell Quantum LTO 6
Resell Sony LTO 6
Resell Sun LTO 6
Resell Oracle LTO 6
Resell TDK LTO 6
Resell Tandberg LTO 6
Sell used LTO-5 Dell 02H9YH
Resell Imation LTO 6
Resell IBM LTO Ultrium 6
Sell Ultrium LTO 6
Sell Used HP LTO 4
Resell Used Imation LTO 5