Audit Media Tapes

There really is a best way to dispose of your old data tapes...
   *   Complete data security guaranteed!
   *   Full compliance and documentation
   *   All handling and transportation provided
   *   100% data erasure with proof
   *   Highest values paid promptly
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Recycle your media helps you to Audit Media Tapes.

Recycle Your Media offers complete Chain-of-Custody on all tape media acquisitions.

Chain of custody reports let you know every set of hands that touch your media from the moment it leaves your facility.

They also ensure that the data eradication specialist is not able to spread information regarding your data, in addition to the chain of custody reports, you should always ask for a nondisclosure agreement.

If you have ultra-sensitive data and need to Recycle Your Media to erase the data on every data tape at your facility we can. We will bring the equipment on-site for erasure and scan every tape and provide a volume serial number report (VOLSER)for your records.

We can help your organization revolutionize and streamline the way you forever manage your tape media storage system. Our dedicated team will carefully label and initialize both new and redeployed tapes so that your staff can focus on what they do best.