Reprocess Media Tapes

There really is a best way to dispose of your old data tapes...
   *   Complete data security guaranteed!
   *   Full compliance and documentation
   *   All handling and transportation provided
   *   100% data erasure with proof
   *   Highest values paid promptly
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Recycle Your Media is unique in the industry because of its concern for secure data eradication and for the environment. We reprocess media tapes after making sure data is removed completely.

The RYM team will always do its best to be certain that no data will be left on any of the tapes you sell us in exchange of cash or credit.

We are always looking for tape media in order to buy them for cash or credit so that we recycle them and end up with a new eco-friendly product.

Too much tape media end up in landfills long before their actual end-of-life, but only because the majority of the users are lacking information on data tape media recycling services.

Our main goal is to save tape media from being shredded and sent to landfill, especially when there are safe and viable alternatives.

Recycle Your Media can make sure that all of your data is carefully migrated while assuring its security and usability.

Organizations normally move their data from one format to another during a data upgrade, as the new format doesn’t always support older ones.